Slightly Morbid…

June 3, 2010

Call me morbid, but ever since I saw some of the shots for the promo of the amazing Amanda Palmer’s debut solo album “Who Killed Amanda Palmer” I have wanted to do some sort of goth noir “death” photoshoot. This is most likely going to make me sound strange, but I’ve always found things like that interesting, and to be honest, I’m still considering joining the Police force or some other such organisation and becoming a forensic photographer (this is probably caused by my watching of shows like CSI from the fairly young age of 11/12) well, it was either that or a criminal psychologist, but I chose art this time around on the university merry-go-round, unlike psychology like I did straight out of high school. Any way, this video has ‘re-awakened’ this desire and I’m hoping we get to do some awesome portfolio work in second year, or I could just go out on a limb and do it on my own time, which is a little more appealing. (Any takers?)

EDIT : The band just posted this behind the scenes look at the making of the above video on their facebook page. I recommend having a look, even if you’re not really into that sort of thing.



June 3, 2010

I probably should have done this before I made the previous post but…. Hello and welcome to my ePortfolio! On here you will find a collection of images that has been organised into categories and a whole lot more in the near future. I’ll probably post things on here that I find interesting and share worthy about things I like and things that inspire me. I’ll most likely also post about things I don’t like (bad photography) and have a vent about such subjects of that nature. I hope you check back often, because I hope to get into the habit of updating this quite frequently.